This page can’t load google maps correctly

 This images is becoming common place on a few websites so I feel it pertinent to post a fix.

In a nut shell the reason this has happend is that the Google is starting to bill for using its API’s. There is a very generous free limit on the api’s so don’t expect to start paying anytime soon. You will have recieve invoices albeit Zero amount ones you will get used to seeing the invoices so that when the free limit is reduced it does not come as a shock. Brilliant stratergy by google and they certainly do have the best api’s available.

So what you need to do is to make sure you have billing eneabled on your api. So that it is linked to a billing account.

here is a direct link to googles explantion:

Note that basic embed is free however for advance you do start paying. Once you have billing enabled for the API make sure you lock down the api to your api so no one else can use your key. Then be sure to update the api settings on your website.

It is that simple – however if you need help give us a call: 011 704 5402



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