Hacked WordPress

Oh my so you have a hacked WordPress site. This can happen to almost anybody due to a number of factors:

  • The hosting is unsecured and the perps got in that way
  • Your theme, platform or plugins are not updated – his is critical as when owners find their themes or plugins with a vulnerability they generally patch them as fast as possible and release updates, so always stay abreast of the updates.
  • You not running any security on your WordPress – like a firewall or a security plugin to thwart off any attackers using sql injections or similar.
  • Another one is due to insecure passwords , passwords that are easy to guess and someone has found yours.

OK so you know how however what now?

  • Well the easiest way is to find the time of the attack and roll the whole site back to the day before the attack if possible. Then immediately change all passwords – update the site and lock it down as much as possible.
  • If you cannot do this then try and find how the attackers got in – and what they did.
  • Did they upload php header code / spam links / hacked HTACCESS file / 404 page rewrite – there are a number of ways and cleaning the site up would be dependent on what was done in the first place.

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