Grow organic likes on your fakebook page

Growing your facebook page like fan base certainly starts at home, friends, family and work colleagues. You need to start your Facebook fan base somewhere and here is a great way to do that. If you are a large company all the more reason as do the maths – 10 staff have 10 friends who each have 10 friends – see you are on 100 likes to start. So share this link and ask all your staff/friends to do this easy and help you grow your like base.

First friends must like your page and click invite friends on the right:


fb2When clicked, a new window opens

This is something one should have all staff do in a company grow organic likes of your pages.

Now grow those organic likes on your facebook page today – it costs you nothing. If you or your friends have a few hundred friends they may need to repeat this a few times – spaced a few days apart.

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