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Get professional with email

It’s a new year with new opportunities and a fresh slate. Guys please if you own or run a business move away now from Gmail! Listen don’t get me wrong gmail is perfect and works very well and certainly the leader in the email space. What I am reffering to directly are the emails like what ever your business is. You are doing yourself, your company and your brand a massive diservice. Using your own email like highlights your brand and your company and shows you are serious about business. Now get your own Domain.

“But it cost so much” – wrong 

To register a domain will cost you between R75 and R150 a year depending on where your register. This is a yearly renewal fee. There is also monthly hosting costs for the email and the website. Check around we are great supporters of Hetzner and they have packages from  R99 a month. This is a fair price and dont skimp with an untrusted host as the heachaches and potential loss of business is incredible.

But I love Gmail

That is fine and there is a silver lining – once you have your own domain and emails set up you can set up an additional mailbox in Gmail. You can find a great article here on how to achieve this:

But I don’t want a website and don’t have the budget to manage and set it up

No problem once your domain is set up and your hosting account you can forward the domain to your business facebook page or your google business listing – both are free and easy to set up. Just what ever you do dont leave a blank page that this website cannot be found or is coming soon as this too is only a notch above the business email address on the I am unprofessional scale.

Blesisngs for the year all entrepeneurs going to be an interesting year with many challenges so do your brand a favour and register a domain today. Oh and we can help you with this if you dont want to do it yourself just drop me a mail:


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